Eberhard R. Hilf: Anforderungen der Wissenschaft, die Zukunft der Dokumentenversorgung und -Sichtbarkeit

Autor: Eberhard R. Hilf

Anforderungen der Wissenschaft, die Zukunft der Dokumentenversorgung und -Sichtbarkeit
- Führt das BMJ uns ins internationale Abseits?
Requirements for Science: the future of document service and retrieval - is the German Ministery of Justice to decouple scientific information service in Germany from the internationally developing free flow of information in science and academic teaching?

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Artikel: in: Vollversammlung des Aktionsbuendnis Urheberrecht fuer Bildung und Wissenschaft

Keywords: requirements, science, Urheberrecht, Reform, Anforderungen, Wissenschaftsinstitutionen, Korb2, open access, Mehrwert

Requirements from the standpoint of science and academic teaching are given for a future suitable law of copyright/Urheberrecht for Germany. In contrast, the german Ministery of Law has rolled out a draft of a law adjustment which would protect the business models of the paper age well into the internet age,- kicking Germany out of the internationally interwoven network of free flow of scientific information in science.

See also http://www.urheberrechtsbuendnis.de


URL: http://www.isn-oldenburg.de/~hilf/vortraege/urhg-vv04/urhg-vv04.html (text/html)

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