SINN01 - First International Technical Workshop of the project SINN - Searchengine Network in the International Natural Science Network

- the Charter and the international partners of PhysNet

Eberhard R. Hilf; Institute for Science Networking, Oldenburg, Germany

The concept of distribute-and-collect

The history of PhysNet


Details of Usage

International Coherence

A Charter has been set up to set the frame for an unbiased coherent cooperation of a multitude of institutes, departments, national societies.

Ingredients are

The appeal of the charter has been nicely demonstrated by S. Krashakov and L. Shchur.

Interdisciplinary Coherence

A cooperation agreement had been prepared for Mathematics, with the IMU International Mathematical Union as a partner.

IMU wants to negotiate with IUPAP.

Technical cooperation takes place on metadata and PACS/MSC classification and search query splitting.

IUPAP at its LTADDP conference Nov. 2001 has included in its proposition for recommendations the endorsement of PhysNet of EPS.

PhysNet is the only distributed physics service using the local institutions document data bases.

IuK, the Information and Communication Initiative of the German Learned Societies, has set up workgroups on metadata and e-journals.

The IuK-workgroup ArVe works on 'Networking of fieldspecific services. It serves e.g. collections on Open Archive Initiative OAi, Copyright, and input forms for departments.

Lists of field-specific services are found at Arve-portals and by PhysNet.

status: 6.12.2001