Eberhard R. Hilf: Physics Archiving

Eberhard R. Hilf
Physics Archiving : Requirements, Perspectives, and some Approaches in Germany
It is argued that in Physics primarily needed for long term archiving are not the original documents, peer reviewed or not, but the full content of program codes, experimental data on one side and the physics content of documents where the authors, his/her institution, or the physics community wants it archived. This calls for a large effort in reconditioning information by qualtiy filtering such as multiple levels of vetting, peer reviewing, commenting, condensing, and especially rewriting the findings and results in a way that the content can effectively be used in actual research and teaching.
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E. R. Hilf; Physics Archiving: Requirements, Perspectives, and some Approaches in Germany; http://physnet.uni-oldenburg.de/~hilf/vortraege/lyon01/; at Long Term Archiving of Digital Documents in Physics, IUPAP Workshop, Lyon Nov.2001