Euroscience, the Voice of Science in Europe, with its Workgroup Science Publishing,
Its Convenor is Hélène Bosc. She organized within the Euroscience 2006 at München a Seminar on Open Access. Here is the related information:

Open Access: threat or blessing

Author(s): Hélène Bosc, Stevan Harnad, Eloy Rodrigues, Eberhard R. Hilf, Alma Swan

Open Access: threat or blessing - Euroscience 2006 Seminar

Date of Upload: 2006-07-20

Copyright: Open Access; All rights stay with each author at her/his institution

Keywords: Open access, institutional repositories, mandating, Research, Scientific documents

Should traditional publishing be combined with open access (OA)? What are the issues facing institutions and researchers in implementing OA? At this symposium, experts and institutions committed to encouraging their researchers to provide OA to their research output will discuss: self-archiving as a supplement to rather than a substitute for publishing in traditional peer-reviewed journals; how self-archiving increases research impact; and the role of scientific institutions and institutional policies in creating and filling the OA archives.

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Hélène Bosc,
Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) Nouzilly, France
on behalf of the Euroscience Open Access Workgroup
[Further material: La communication scientifique revue et corrigée par Internet ; Sélection thématique de sites Web : La communication scientifique en libre accès]

Introduction Open Access
What? Why? How? Where? When?

Stevan Harnad,
Centre de Neuroscience de la Cognition (CNC), Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Canada
[Further Material: American Scientist Open Access Forum; Open Access; Open Access Archivangelism (blog) and in specific Maximizing Research Impact Through Institutional and National Open-Access Self-Archiving Mandates]

Institutional Open Access self-archiving mandate and incentives at Universidade do Minho
Eloy Rodrigues
Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal

Open Access in Physics; Trends in Germany
Eberhard R. Hilf
ISN Institute for Science Networking, Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Germany
[Further material: Zugang zum Wissen (Blog, mostly in German); Urheberrechtsbündnis (German Initiative legal procedures to more free access to scientific information); PhysDoc - A Distributed Network of Physics Institutions Documents Collecting, Indexing, and Searching High Quality Documents by using Harvest]

Open Access: why we should have it, what works and what doesn't
Alma Swan
Key perspectives Ltd, Truro, United Kingdom
[Further material: Open Access Archive]

Poem competition at the Euroscience 2006

The Conference had called for poems of participants to elucidate the way to go for Science in Europe

Contributions from Speakers of the Open Access Seminar

Publish or Perish by Stevan Harnad

(see: where the Price money went to ).
It has won the (English-language category) prize in the Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF2006) Poetry Competition, sponsored by the Andrea von Braun Foundation.

Libre Accès, j'écris ton nom! by Hélène Bosc

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